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Gift Market

Holiday Gift Market - Local Vendors and Retailers will be available with great gift ideas for the whole family!  Find something for everyone. Start or complete your Christmas Shopping List at our Holiday Gift Market.

Interested in participating as a Vendor?  - Details and sign up here!

Vendors Include:

Children's Boutique Clothing & Accessories 
Color Street
Mary Kay
SeneGence LipSense
Detox Tea
Bath and body products
Paparazzi Accessories
More to come...


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland brought to you by the local Denton Chapter of ATC Law Enforcement Explorers

Bring your kids to enjoy our Winter Wonderland Nov 17th from 12pm-3pm

Come make fun ornaments and crafts as we kick off the Holiday Season!

The Winter Wonderland will included:
Face Painting
Coloring Station
Holiday Tattoos
Letter writing to Santa
Story Time with Special Guest
Hot Coco Station
Ornament making station

Everyone will want to meet and snap a picture with a special guest at 2pm!

The Mission of the Explorers:
To provide fun, realistic training for students and young people seriously interested in a career in law enforcement



Q:  Why must I prepay my Consignor Fee?
A:  By prepaying the fee, the Consignor show up rate tends to be much higher.  Prepaying your fee will help us know how much rack space we need & let us know that you will be dropping your items off with us.  It also helps us to make the sale the best it can be because of committed consignors!

Q. Who can sell items as a Consignor?
A. Anyone can consign children's and maternity items with Just Between Friends. We request that you have a minimum of 25 items or $75 worth of items to make it worth your while.

Q. Do Consignors get to shop before the public?
A. Yes, Consignors will shop early on a designated pre-sale day.

Q. Are children allowed at the pre-sale?
A. Yes, we are a family friendly event

Q. What percentage of the sales do I receive?
A. Consignors receive 60% of their sales, less a $10-$15 consignor fee (pre-paid on Eventbrite). Consignors who help get 70%!

Q. Who does the pricing?
A. You set your own price and you get to decide if it is discounted on our half-price days. Check our pricing guidelines.  We strongly suggest you allow your items to be discounted.

Q. What percentage of my items can I expect to sell?
A. Most sellers sell approximately 60% of their items in sizes 2-10. For sizes under 24 months, the percentage drops due to the sheer volume of merchandise received. People also tend to receive infant clothing as gifts, hand-me-downs, etc. The larger sizes (12-16) also will sell a lower percentage since children become pickier as they near the teen and pre-teen years.

Q. How do I sign up to consign?
A. Just click on Login to Register button and fill out the information. You will receive an email confirmation within moments and given a link to pay your Consignor Fee.

Q. How long should I give myself to drop off my items?
A. Allow 35-55 minutes minimum for drop- off.  Don’t have the time?  Tag all your items Half Price & Donate and use our FREE Valet Drop-Off option.

Q. When and where do I drop off my items?
A.  (See Schedule for exact dates.) Rolling clothes rack and shopping carts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q. When do I pick up my unsold items?
A. Unsold items that are not being donated are to be picked up on the day the sale ends.  All items not picked up, will be donated to our local charity.  Pick up a donation receipt when dropping off your items if you plan to or think you may donate your items.

Q. What if I work and can't make the pick-up time work for my schedule?
A. Consider being a Team Member. Otherwise, you are welcome to have a friend pick up your items for you.  You will need to send a note to let us know that someone else will be picking up your items. That person should bring his or her driver's license for identification. Items that have not been picked up after the sale, will be donated to our local charity.  Sorry, we have to vacate the building and aren’t able to take any of your items with us.

Q. Do I have to sort through the racks to find my unsold items?
A. No, assuming we have enough Team Members to aid with sorting, when you pick up your unsold items, your hanging garments will already be sorted by Consignor number. As time and Team Member sign-ups allow, we hope to have all of the other items sorted, as well.

Q. How long does it take to receive my check?
A. Your check will be emailed within a few days after the end of the sale.

Q. Will I know what items have sold?
A. Through our bar-coded tagging system, you will have an inventory of your sold and unsold items. If you donate your unsold items, you will then have an inventory of your donated items. We will likely not be able to upload the last register that we keep available for sorters to purchase items until after Consignors pick up their items; thus, not every item sold will show up online. Also, if an item won’t scan and we have to manually enter it, you will not be able to see the sale online.

Q. Where do I find safety pins and child-sized hangers?
A. Safety pins (1" and larger) are available at Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree or any store that carries fabric and sewing supplies. We suggest saving the child-sized plastic hangers from your purchases and using these to cut down on cost. We prefer child-sized plastic-coated wire hangers since your items will look best and, therefore, will sell better on these. However, you are welcome to use what you have.

Q. I have looked everywhere and can't find child-sized hangers...what do you want me to do?
A. If possible, please put the size 4T and smaller on child-sized hangers and the size 5T and larger can go on the larger hangers. You can also bend the tips of the "shoulders" of adult-sized hangers downward to form a more child-sized hanger. You can also ask cashiers at many stores that keep hangers if you can have some.

Q. If I consign my items, do I have to stay during the sale?
A. No. Consignors bring their items during the designated drop-off times, have clothing inspected, put all items out on the sales floor, then return several days later during the designated times to pick up their unsold items (unless they choose to donate, in which case, Consignors need not return).

Q. Do you take Junior clothing?
A.  Yes. We will accept your BEST 20 (MAX)  junior items, sizes 0-13.

Q. What items are you taking?
A. We accept almost anything related to babies, children, or maternity, except bedding with batting, stuffed animals, and mattresses. The clothing must be current season. For our Fall sales, we will be accepting Fall/Winter clothing. Save your Spring/Summer items for our April/May sale because that is when they sell best. Other great items are toys, school uniforms, band instruments, Halloween costumes (Fall, only, although dress-up gear is accepted in Spring, also), books, videos, strollers, baby equipment, nursery items, large play equipment (outdoor toys, playhouses, etc.), sports equipment, toddler beds (no mattresses), cribs mfg prior to June 28, 2011, changing tables, etc.

Q. Even if this is a Fall/Winter sale, can I bring short-sleeved shirts?
A. We live in Texas, our weather is crazy, so absolutely.   Use your best judgment, no swimsuits or tanktops please. We reserve the right to refuse any item if we see it does not fit our criteria.

Q. Even if this is a Spring/Summer sale, can I bring Halloween costumes or Christmas outfits?
A. We would like for you to save these items for our Fall/Winter sale. We reserve the right to refuse any item if we see it does not fit our criteria. General dress-up items are accepted in Spring, also, however.

Q. What about shoes?
A. Please bring only your best pairs of shoes. We will be VERY picky at inspection, so please be picky about what you bring!  Hint: Magic Erasers work wonders on shoe scuffs!

Q. What about stuffed animals?
A. We accept only battery-operated stuffed animals (lights, sound, & movement).

Q. What is Mommy Mart?
A. Mommy Mart is a way for you to sell your mom-geared items, room décor & furniture. Check out our Merchandise Prep section to see what all we accept in Mommy Mart.  If you have any question, please email Amber.

Q. Do you take furniture?
A.  Yes, we take ALL types of furniture if its priced to sell.  This sale we are not only taking childrens furniture, but general household furniture too.  We reserve the right to refuse furniture that is priced too high.

Q. How do you accommodate persons with disabilities?
A. Pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act, should you need accommodation in order to fully participate in our Just Between Friends Sale, please contact the sale owner of the event in which you choose to participate.

Q. May I take a guest to the Team Member presale?
A. Team Member may bring one guests 

Q. How long are the shifts?
A. 12-, 8-, and 4-hours. Check out all the Team Member opportunities on our website.

Q. Do you provide childcare for Team Members?
A. We are not able to offer childcare.

Q. I'm pregnant or have a medical condition. Is it OK for me to be a Team Member?
A. Yes.  Please let us know in advance so that we can find an appropriate project for you to do.  Husbands or other strong friends are also encouraged to help in your place, particularly during set-up and breakdown. Please be sure that you have your doctor's approval, if needed.

Q. Will I have a safe place to store my belongings?
A.  No. We are not able to offer a secure area for storage.  Please leave all valuables (including your purse) at home or on your person.



Amber Birmingham, Event Organizer

Call/Text @ (817) 437-0440

I get it kids are expensive!  I started with JBF like so many of you, as a shopper, then a consignor.  I love MAKING a little money for our growing family and SAVING so much money on items for my two kids.  I love that this business allows people in my community to access the same great deals in a SAFE shopping enviroment!

I aim to provide a remarkably rewarding consignment event benefitting families throughout Denton County.  We hope you will join us at our new location!